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solar power lights
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Frequently Asked Questions

What if my item or items arrive damaged or are defective?

We will replace the item free of charge here are the steps. Damaged claims need to be filed with in 3 days after receiving the package. You can call us at 860-646-9802 or Email explaining the damage or problem, if at all possible we ask that a picture of the damaged item be sent to speed up the process of replacing the broken item.

What type of Warranty does your products have?

30-day money back:  Product must be returned in its original box undamaged with all paper work. (Shipping and handling does not apply)  

1 Year limited warranty: If any product fails to work properly with in the first year (call or Email us to trouble shoot problem) send it back and we will repair or replace it. Note: This does not cover Products broken or damaged do to abuse or improper use.


How long will solar lights run at night? 

  Solar lights need direct sunlight.  The more sunlight received during each day, the longer the light will operate that night. Since solar lights are powered entirely by the sunlight they receive each day, operating times will vary by specific location, daily weather conditions, and season. Many of our solar lights can run for up to 8-10 hours. Solar lighting performs better during the summer months mainly because of the longer days, enable a full charge to be achieved. Short winter days do affect performance, as charge times are reduced in relation to hours of daylight and the strength of the sun.

 How bright are the lights?  

  The brightness of the LED solar lights is not indicated in terms of watts. The measurement of it is ‘mcd’ (millicandelas candle light). Solar lighting has become much more reliable and efficient over the years. But it is especially important to note that most of our products is usually used for accent or decorative lighting.

 Can other lights nearby affect solar light fixtures? 

 Sometimes a strong, nearby light source can prevent a solar light from switching on because it is still detecting what it thinks is daylight. It is also recommended to place each item at a distance of not less than 3 meters away from each other.

What kind of maintenance does it require? 

   No maintenance is required except for an occasional wiping of the solar panel to keep it free of dust, dirt, debris, or snow to allow the batteries to charge properly for optimum performance.

How long does the battery last?   

 Nickel Cadmium battery should last about 2 years with proper maintenance.  To maximize the life span of the battery, it is best to recharge the battery by turning off the solar unit periodically for 3 to 4 days to deep charge.

Can the batteries be changed and is this easy to do? 

  Most of the products we sell use sealed lead acid batteries. It is recommended that they are replaced every 2-3 years or as required. Replacement is quite easy to do and instructions provided give more information on this procedure.


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