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solar power lights
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About Us
      At the we are dedicated to finding ways to save Energy and help are environment while saving you money.


    Most of our products are solar powered, that is they get there power from the sun. We have other products that are low energy and even manual generated power. The low energy item can easily be used with out costing any thing to run, with other item we offer. Like Portable Battery packs, Phase converters and solar panels to charge batteries all are products are energy efficient and environmentally safe.  Our goal at is to help you lower your energy usage with out having to lower the quality of life you live!!


     Our Products are shipped UPS they normally take 2 to 10 Business days to arrive depending on location some my take longer do to holidays or out of stock problems. If an idem that has been  ordered is out of stock or will be delayed for any reason we will notify you by Email as soon as possible. You will have the options to cancel order or wait for the estimated time of delivery.

       We at the value are customers and would like to keep them satisfied! If there is any thing that you may be looking for in the solar line or any way we could be of assistance please Email us at  


     I have been trying to find ways to reduce my electric bill with me being out late my outside lights would be on most of the night burning electricity even when I didn’t need the light. It seemed other people had the same problem because I would pass a lot of houses with there outside lights on. I thought it would be great if there was a light that could power its self, that could turn it self on when it got dark, out even better yet turns on when I pull in to the driveway. I found a solar security light like the one on my website, took some screws and put it on the side of my house no wiring needed. Now when I pull in my driveway a bright halogen light goes on so I can see. It stays on for about three minutes after motion stops. Then it goes off. This started me on my quest of


    If you have any questions or suggestions please feel free to Email us at

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