Ec Power

Eco power can also be termed as 'green power' because it is a sustainable power, i.e. power obtained from renewable sources of energy. By using this kind of power, we would be decreasing our dependency on exhaustible and finite resources. Wood is considered to be a renewable source of energy since forests are renewable, i.e. the trees can be replanted and grown to maturity in place of the ones that are chopped. Therefore for every tree cut down, one can plant another one in its place and it would maintain the balance and prevent unnecessary depletion of resources.

In case of stoves running on eco power, the wood burning stoves Worcester are the best. With the rising energy costs and pollution levels, it is a good idea to switch over to stoves which can function effectively and sensibly without wasting a lot of energy. A wood burning stove is a modern and greener version of older wood stove models. The stove is designed in such a way that it facilitates specifically designed air flow to take place inside the stove, thus increasing the temperatures in the interior portion of the stove without producing any toxic waste or smoke. The volatile organic gases present inside the stove are first converted into energy and it is then used inside the stove to produce heat.

Extra information about wood burning stoves Worcester

Using high efficiency stoves will allow you to enjoy a host of benefits. If you intend to purchase a wood burning stove for use at home then you can consider choosing either an advanced combustion wood stove or a catalytic wood stove. The first type of wood burning stove, i.e. advanced combustion stove is a high efficiency stove which burns the wood and the combustible smoke in separate enclosures at high temperatures. The average temperature inside these stoves can easily reach 1100 degrees Fahrenheit. This kind of stove has decreased residue.

The second type of wood burning stove, i.e. catalytic wood stove is more efficient than the first type but on the downside, this one is costlier. If you are using this kind of stove then you should get the combuster replaced from time to time because this part is capable of losing its efficiency with time.

There are plenty of benefits associated with using a stove running on eco power. Since this kind of stove does not rely on electricity to operate therefore they can also be used in case of power outages. Moreover, a wood burning stove is so efficient that it can keep the entire premises heated! Also, the parts or components of these stoves do not wear out easily, therefore these stoves make quite a good investment. If you are using a wood burning stove at home then you should keep in mind that only the recommended type of wood is fed to the stove.

Since a wood burning stove is not like a traditional wooden stove, therefore you should let a professional install it because this kind of stove is more complex. Once installed, have the firebox sections of the stove cleaned from time to time for optimum performance.