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      PnR Solar Store takes Pride in customer service and the quality of the outdoor solar lights , solar garden lights and all the other solar products that we offer!!  You will find a large selection of high quality solar power lighting and landscape  decor that would look great in anyones garden or yard from Decorative Solar Lights that range from (Frogs, Dogs, Dwarfs, Dragonflies, Butterflies, snails, turtles, Squirrels, owls, light houses, and much more). Also Solar Path lights ( there are Plastic, Stainless Steel, Copper plated stainless steel, solar deck light, green energy window brands, lights that change colors,  and they come in many shapes and sizes).  Plus Solar Spotlights (made of plastic, crome plated plastic, copper plated plastic, their are also decorative spot lights made of poly resin in shapes of Turtles, Squirrels, Rocks, Sea shells and more). To Security Solar Lights (that turn on with motion, with LED Lamps or halogen bulbs)  And many other local solar panel installation costs and solar energy and power Free Products.   


 Most of the solar garden lights and other products comes with a 30 day Money Back Guarantee and a 1 Year Limited Warranty.(see FAQ for conditions)  


Monthly Specials!! 

  solar garden lights 

     PnR Solar would like to offer you the perfect outdoor solar lights. For guiding you through your landscapes, gardens, yards, or just about any were you need an out side light. With safety, beauty and ease. You can use these solar landscape light to line your drive ways, walk ways, or light up your flagpole to provide a lovely illumination to your landscape. Nothing will make your landscape more beautiful at night than Solar Garden Lights!!!   

rock spotlight  If you really want to perk up your garden, try the natural look with some solar rock lights. Just put a few solar garden light rocks in your garden will give your garden a romantic glow. Use a solar light rock to accent a favorite plant or to out line your garden. Don’t have a garden. Light up a pond, walking path, steps, or decks. Using solar garden light rocks is an excellent way to have accent as well as safety for your garden or patio. With there realistic look you can mix or mach to get creative.  

Maybe you would like an adorable garden dwarf to keep guard of your garden and keep away most night time pest with their Garden light. You can choose a single Dwarf, Or get several to add that extra special charm to your garden. With their solar garden light, I'm sure you won't fined any poison apples in there gardens.   

7 garden bwarfs 
 water fountain

 How about using our Solar water fountains to add the perfect soothing sounds and beauty to your ponds or water gardens. You could add some outdoor solar garden light that will help accent the beauty of the solar water fountains, or how about a Indoor, outdoor fountain for your deck and/or gardens. I'm sure you will be the envy of the neighborhood. Especially when you show it off with a solar garden light  and  tell them just  how easy the water fountain is to maintain.


 Don’t be left out! Solar lighting is the way to go!

   Why have high electric bills when you light up your yard? When our solar lights use free electricity. Plus our solar lights come in many fun and exciting shapes and designs. So don’t be the only one on your block without a PnR solar light or one of our many other solar products.  


If You see a light you would like to buy in a set or you would like to mix and match, are interested in further solar water heater quotes then please E mail us at and we will send you the set price.

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